What You Can Learn From Pennetta and Vinci

Sometimes you can learn things in the simplest forms. In the case of these two Italian women we learn that through patience, diligence, maturity and relentlessness that dreams do really come true.

On the women’s side of the draw at the 2015 US Open it was a whole bunch of improbables that occured. Pressure was at its highest with Serena’s quest for the calendar grand slam and it didn’t leave much attention for the rest of the women’s draw. Standing in the shadows these two improbable finalists waited for there chance and both reacted the same way when they earned their opportunity. First, Vinci played Serena in the match of her life, moving the great American champion all over the court and continually keeping her uncomfortable and off balance. Vinci didn’t think she would win but wanted to make sure that she played every point to the best of her ability and look what happened!

In Pennetta’s triumph we saw similar characteristics. With a pending retirement from the tour at the end of the year we saw a woman who was out there to enjoy each moment and make the best of what she had left. There was no secrets out there this year, the two finalists stayed in the moment throughout the event and never made one moment more important than the next.  That is definitely something we can all apply to our lives on and off the court!!

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