From Good to Great

What separates the many talented people in our world is the ability for the great ones to consistently perform at their highest level. We’re surrounded by many talented and extraordinary people in all walks of life. We come across them at school, the local market, at work and almost every other place you ever visited. The great ones understand a few things: 

1. They understand their strengths and how to utilize or adapt them in almost every situation they’re faced with. 

2. They have a very clear understanding that the key to their success is their continual improvement. 

3. They prepare themselves for as many potential situations as they can face, although most of that preparation comes in building themselves mentally, physically (if applicable) and emotionally to create the stability and clear thought process required to navigate through high adverse situations. 

4. They stick to what they know, not what they “think.”

5. Their fear isn’t about going to a place unknown, their fears lay in the fact that if they don’t push themselves outside their comfort zone they’ll never find the success they so desperately seek. There’s only one choice in their minds. 

Take a few notes and have a few conversations and see if you can separate the good from the great. Take your research and apply it to yourself and continue your march towards your personal greatness and success! 

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