From Good to Great

What separates the many talented people in our world is the ability for the great ones to consistently perform at their highest level. We’re surrounded by many talented and extraordinary people in Read More

Find the High Performer in You

Is it in you? Do you have what it takes? Many questions often surround us who are searching for the most from ourselves. You’ll often hear that you have to believe in yourself. I often say it to my students daily too, but what if you hear it and agree with it but you don’t feel any different? What if you don’t understand what it all really means? 

This is where the separation comes. Those who believe in themselves stare at adversity or pending failure and believe that Read More

What You Can Learn From Pennetta and Vinci

Sometimes you can learn things in the simplest forms. In the case of these two Italian women we learn that through patience, diligence, maturity and relentlessness that dreams do really come true.

On the women’s side of the draw at the 2015 US Open it was a whole bunch of improbables that occured. Pressure was at its highest with Serena’s quest for the calendar grand slam and it didn’t leave much attention for the rest of the women’s draw. Standing in the shadows Read More

Photos from the #stealtheshow NIKE Tennis Event in NYC

An incredible event put on by NIKE Tennis tonight in NYC. The event featured Federer, Nadal, Kyrgios, Serena, Sharapova, Bouchard, Keys, Dimitrov, Sampras, McEnroe, and Agassi. Read More

Novak Djokovic’s Intensity

Check out this outstanding vantage point of Serb Novak Djokovic compete in this point against Roger Federer at the 2010 Roger’s Cup in Toronto. The Serb’s outstanding footwork and intensity are evident even though he ended up losing this point. Professional players at the top of the world compete like Read More


Coaching the Person Not the Talent

As long as there has been sport, there has been coaching. Coaching is an occupation that requires several specific qualities that continue to evolve as sport and in this particular case, tennis, continue to change year after year. A great coach must be passionate, direct, knowledgeable, sincere, disciplined, motivational and most importantly trustworthy. Read More