About Parsa

As a USTA High Performance tennis coach, I currently work with top junior talent that aspire to be collegiate athletes and touring professionals. I’ve coached over 50 Nationally Ranked players and have placed many of them into NCAA tennis programs at every level. I’ve also worked with players as a part time coach on the ATP/WTA tours. I believe that improvement and development of a tennis player is based on four characteristics at every level: Passion, Hardwork, Dedication, and Self-Belief.

My passion for the game started at the age of 13 because a friend needed a fourth for a group tennis lesson. From that very moment I had an instant and unbreakable connection with the sport. Starting that day, I lived and breathed the game honing my skills at the prestigious Port Washington Tennis Academy. I also spent a couple of summers at the Nick Bollitieri Tennis Academy (now IMG Academy) in Bradenton, Florida. As much passion as I had for the game it didn’t instantly turn into the greatest results. Through hardwork, determination, and perseverence I’ve grown to learn exactly what it takes to win in this game and also in life. This journey has travelled great distances and the path ahead continues with no end in sight. I’ve cherished every moment in this sport including almost every possible type of pain (mental, physical, and emotional) and I’m battle tested and still standing. Tennis has given me much more than I could’ve ever imagined and coaching allows me to share my experiences. Because of this I’m very grateful and appreciative of those who support my efforts and at the same time I’m very proud of those who choose to try and push themselves beyond they’re perceived limits. Always reach for your dreams!